Privacy Policy

NO Advertising

Piiig's Service contains no advertising or product placement.

Information Piiig Collects and Uses

Piiig use Google Analytics software to automatically collect and use certain data including, but not limited to: device properties, including, but not limited to IP address, Media Access Control (“MAC”) address and unique device identifier or other persistent or non-persistent device identifier (“Device ID”); device software platform and firmware; game progress, time used playing; and other non-personal data as reasonably required to enhance the Piiig Service.

Information that Piiig Does NOT Collect

Piiig does not collect names, emails, voice messages or other information that users input and send via the Piiig Service. The contents of messages that have been delivered by the Piiig Service are not copied, kept or archived by Piiig in the normal course of business. Users record their messages, which are sent via data service to our servers, and routed to the designated email recipient. The content of the message is stored for a period up to thirty (30) days after which it will be deleted and no longer resides on our servers and therefore cannot be retrieved.

We do not collect location data, but users may voluntarily choose to share their location with others via the Piiig Service.

Sharing of Information

Piiig will not, under any circumstances sell or rent your information to any party. Piiig may engage other companies to provide services on its behalf, including but not limited to hosting, billing, marketing, and customer support for the Piiig service. We only provide these companies the minimum information reasonably required to perform the service, and they are prohibited from using that information for any other purpose.

Protecting Your Personal Information

We take reasonable steps to secure your personally identifiable information against unauthorized access or disclosure. However, no security or encryption method can be guaranteed to protect information from hackers or human error. Information we collect may be stored or processed on computers located in any country where we do business.

Modifications to the Privacy Policy

This policy is subject to change from time to time, and your continued use of Piiig Service is conditioned upon your acceptance of any modifications hereto.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please email